Wedding Facilities

Wedding Facilities

Wedding Receptions Facilities – Manchester CT, Willimantic CT, Windham CT

Georgina’s Weddings and Banquets is your premier wedding facility.

We all know that planning a wedding can sometimes be a difficult and a stressful situation.

 That’s because you want the most important day of your life to be perfect.

At Georgina’s we try to make your wedding day the way you always dreamed it would be.


We take the time to go over what you should expect and help you plan your wedding. From wedding invitations to seating arrangements from the ceremony to couples first dance. Georgina’s Banquets will sit down with you and explain what all your options are. We take the time to help you plan out in details to make your engagement more enjoyable.

Being engaged is one of the most exciting occasions in your life. Let’s make your wedding just as exciting, fun, romantic, beautiful as you are.

We are located in Bolton CT. Minutes away from Manchester CT, Willimantic CT, and Windham CT. Right off of Highway 384 exit 5 or Route 6 heading into Manchester CT.

Our Beautiful Facility is the perfect place to hold your wedding. We can accommodate large and small weddings and provide inside/outside wedding ceremonies. At Georgina’s we offer plenty of parking.

To learn more please give us a call today, We will show you what makes Georgina’s Weddings your ideal place for the biggest day for your life.